On this part of the 7th grade project we did a research of many logos on the web.
For e.g.:external image McDonalds_logo.jpg
We also did some investigation on Free Hand.
Welcome to our Investigate,

In our investigate we made a brainstorm. Our brainstorm contained these things listed below:

  • Our hobbies
  • Personality
  • Favorite things, such as, colors, animals, patterns etc.
  • Favorite places, such as countries or restaurants.

We also did a research section. For this part of the project you had to go on the Internet and find GOOD logos (5-7 logos) so that you could see and use some of their ideas so that your logo will become great.

After we had done those two steps of the project we experimented around with FreeHand so that we could use it when we did our logo and to make sure we knew how to use it. We experimented with using the different tools.

Finally we had to do a reflection. The questions we answered for the reflection were:

  • How will you use what you have learned to make an excellent logo that represents you?
  • Which criteria from your Logo Research sheet will you include when you design your logo?

We could earn extra points by including LOTS of DETAILS that show your understanding of logo design.