Helpful Websites for Macromedia FreeHand

All Graphic Deisgn: FreeHand Tutorials
This site is a great website because it tells you what is in FreeHand and how to use that skill. Some of the things it tells you about are how to draw and illustrate FreeHand tutorials, basic and essentials FreeHand tutorials, colours and gradients FreeHand tutorials, 3D and animation FreeHand tutorial, text and fonts FreeHand tutorials, and website design FreeHand tutorials. These things are great because the give you a step by step walk through of all of the things in there, that you basically need to use FreeHand.

Wikipedia: FreeHand
This is a good site because it is a wiki, and that is what we are learning to use and there is some useful information on the site, such as, you can click on links that they have put on the site and they tell you what they are and the definition. What I like about this page is that you can edit this page, but the bad thing is that you can put fake information on (which I don’t think that there is any).

Software Training Tutorials: FreeHand
This is a good site if you want to find out what tools are in Macromedia FreeHand. If you want too find out which tools are in FreeHand this is the site for you because it tells you what tools are on FreeHand in a big list and if you click on them then it gives you a little demonstration on where to find it and how to use it.

Graphics Soft: FreeHand
Different techniques for drawing, gradients, and perspectives, this will help you in specializing on tips for drawing shapes, blending irregular and regular shapes, making slash content, and making custom arrowheads. The drawing portion will help you drawing certain shapes such as rectangles, and several other shapes.

Sketchpad: FreeHand
Tutorials for basic drawing skills, pen skills, arrowheads, gradients, perspective drawing, and applying gradient fills. This website will show you how to draw advanced and basic shapes, how to use effects such as punch, and the different shapes like circles, spirals, rectangles, circles, etc. It also shows how to use the transform tools to make things such as buildings. It also shows how to make a vector logo or to how to vectorize a logo

Adobe: FreeHand
This website has tutorials and explanations for all tools used in Macromedia Freehand. This website either gives a detailed introduction to freehand for uses, or lets you check any certain section for reference of a tool. This also shows how to use workflow, lash integration, fireworks integration, adding effects, using animation, and productivity. This website is used by Adobe so it is ensured to help you out, and it can teach you entire points of how to use macromedia Freehand.

Brainstormer: FreeHand
This is a website that is very similar to the Adobe website, but it has new explanations and also has new topics to talk about. This website is very detailed and gives help with relating problems when you go to click on a topic. This logo also helps you learn how to add multiple attirbutes to one path, such as vector effects, fills, strokes, and raster effects.