My logo is a blue and yellow volleyball. It was created in Macromedia FreeHand with the pen tool; fill in color tool, circle tool, and text box tool.

The steps I took to create my logo was to make a circle then use the pen tool to make rectangles and then use the subselect tool to curve them. Then once I had it the way I liked it I filled in the color of the curved rectangles. Then when it was just to add my words and I was done!

I thought the best part was to actually create our logo. It was a lot of fun also to fill in the color because I could experiment with the colors and check which one looks best. The part I thought was the least fun was when I could not figure out what to do when I had a problem. I really thought my logo came out really well. I thought it would look different but it really became good.

Max's logo


During the creation of this logo I made a hexagon and used an eraser to make a trapezoid, then I made 2 rectangles, a text box, 9 circles, 13 spirals and 3 other Hexagons. I think I made this logo because I like mid-evil stuff.

Tom's Logo

My logo is the form of a Gameboy Color and my reason for it is because I like Nintendo and videogames. To make it I first made a square and made that blue, then I made 2 black circles in it with one with an A in it and in the other a B. I put my name in the screen so it was easy to see. I made the control by using 5 squares and in the circle in the middle of the control I put a circle in it so it look more realistic and also white lines to make the arrow. To make the Start and Select button I used the Text box to make Start and Select and I used lines and I used the tool to make the line fatter. For the stereo I just used only very tiny lines so that is very easy.
For the power I just used the circle tool and made it red

This is all what I used (Pretty easy huh) I hope you learned from it.

Emily's Logo

My logo is in a shape of a cherry I did three cherries the reason why I did this is because it is my favorite fruit. In the three cherries I did all about me. The first picture is a flag, which is Australia because I am Australian. The other 1 had my hobbies and my first my first name.
I made it by doing circles and making the lines to join all of them. Together I used the arch tool to do that then I thickened the lines. Lines by the thickness tool, and I used the other shapes to do my hobbies and my flag.

I thought to me, making this logo was not that hard because I knew all of the tools but if I didn’t know the tools then I would probably not no how to do this. If I had not gotten the sheet I would go trough all of the tools.


Romain's Logo

My logo represents me a lot, because it is a picture of a guy kicking a ball in the goal. I love football, and I would always play if I could. I play football and practice football all the time, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saterdays. It also represents my position of being a striker, forward. It is my dream to become a professional football player.

The first time I used freehand I thought it was a challenge, and very hard, but later on after some practice I started to get much better at it and now I think it is the easiest software I have ever used. If you are new to freehand don’t give up because when you get the hang of it, it is really fun.

During this making of the logo, I used freehand. Using freehand I applied many tools such as sub select, pen, ellipse, rectangle, roughen, and much more. Free hand allows you to make many things, perfect for a logo, it is not only a very efficient software application for making a logo, it is also great to make pictures as well.


About Cecilia’s Pretty Logo

The logo I made represents the things I like. The first C is a horseshoe and I love horses. The I is a lipstick and I love fashion and make-up. The second C is a Moon, because I love to sleep late. The third C is a Note, because I like to listen to music and sing with it. The last I is a flower, because I love colorful things. All the letters together is CICCI, which is my nickname.

I’m very happy with my logo it looks great and it represents me very good. Even if it took a long time and strength to make this logo, I think it looks professional. I wouldn’t like to make something different with it. It’s PERFECT!!!

To complete my logo I first made a layout of the logo on freehand from my drawing. When I was finished with the letters I had to face some problems. For example, I couldn’t color something in so I had to do it over again, and I had to figure out how to make a C shape as a horseshoe. When I was finished I had to color every thing in which was easy. When I was finished I realized that I was early so I added some details. For example, the white glow on the lipstick.

Heoun Su’s Logo

I made my own logo after understanding the FreeHand tools and practices; it wasn’t hard but just ok.
From FreeHand, I needed to make a big circle so I drew it first. And then, I included quite smaller circle to make it like border so that I can put in my name of country with fancy. After that on the big circle, I put huge name of me with blue and red color, which represent my country color. Of course I put in my birth too with a huge font like my name but with black color, it is also part of my country color.
I put color of light blue inside the big circle to make it better. Next I put four of my country name, KOREA in different places.
Lastly, I put the border light red color.
I thought it wasn’t that good so I finally put a soccer ball in my ‘O’ sign to my name; also for ‘O’ in my country, I put images, which represent Korea too.
To make this I used some basic tools in FreeHand like Ellipse, pencil, colors and rotations…

Overall, it was very exhilarating and fun experience to do. And I really like my picture a lot!
About Theas Special Logo

My logo is different than the other logos. There is a girl (probably me) with huge sunglasses. In the glasses, there are things I like, such as:
  • Swedish flag
  • A smiley face (I want to be happy)
  • Flower (I’m beautiful)
  • A speech-bubble which says “bla bla bla;” (I like talking)
  • A soccer ball (I like playing soccer)
  • Many “Z” in a line, from big to small sizes (I love sleeping)
  • Theater Masks (I like acting)
  • A spiral ( I think spirals are different, and I’m unique and sometimes weird, hahaha!)
  • The text “friends for ever” (I love my friends, they are the reason for who I am today)

My hair is the color between blond and brown, but I made the girls hair brown.
The big mouth is there since I like lip gloss, and all other kinds of make up.
I love trying sunglasses, and to wear them of course.
I guess my logo can’t be a logo for anything, except for me, and that is great!


About Sofia’s Unique Logo

I think that my logo is very unique because it wrote my name how I would write it by hand. So it has my own, unique handwriting. All these colors represents my life. S represents that I like animals. The O represents that I like red and black and that I like checkered patterns. F represents that I like chocolate and eating. The I doesn’t really represent anything it just shows that I like that color. The A represents that there is love in my life.

Steps that I took to complete this logo :
  • We made a brainstorm about our life.
  • We did a investigate.
  • We drew a plan.
  • We made a plan.
  • We created it.
  • We wrote a create reflection.
  • We then evaluated it.


Zaira’s Logo

When I started with my logo I said to my self “ this is going to be a disaster”. But when I finished making my logo on FreeHand Macromedia MX it turned out great. The first step I used to create my logo was to make the background, then I used some text boxes to put my name in the black squares, it took me a pretty long time to put all my hobbies in because I had extra boxes than I had before so I had to think of some other hobbies to put in. Those were the steps I used to create my logo. I thought that I did great on my logo because when I first drew out my logo it looked good but when I created it in FreeHand it was 10 times better. It was hard at times but I got through it with no problem.



On this part of the unit we posted our logo onto our
Wikispace. Also my logo is a taco. Also for making this logo First I had to make a big circle and color it light brown, then I had to make a rectangle that was overlapping the half of the circle and then I punched then together and that’s how I made my taco base, after I used A thin rectangle for the mast of the flag with a dark brown on the taco, and rotated it, then I used three rectangles for all the colors for the Mexican flag, and a brown on the center of the white rectangle. Then I made the condiments by roughing up circles and making the taco overlap over the condiments and finally I make for copies of the original by doing mirror and overlapping themselves. After that is was on freehand then we had to put it onto a GIF document by exporting the image and the we saved and later we open with Photoshop and made it in to the picture that you are seeing.

Neil's Logo

When we first started this logo I thought that this would just fly through not being to easy and not being to hard, but when I actually started using Macromedia FreeHand I found that it was very difficult. Also, I learned that there are several aspects of making a logo can be pretty intense. During the process of learning the tools I learned how to combine several tools to make an optimum aspect of how a logo of myself should be.

To make this logo I first made a crooked heart shape, which is made of all sharp angles, and I made a lighter shadow on the outside. To show my hobbies I put a mask, which is supposed to represent comedy, two music notes, which represent music, a soccer ball, which represents soccer, and a guitar which represents playing guitar.


Shohei Logo

In a section called create, we worked on our logos in Freehand using the design that we designed in the previous section. We used the packet we made in the previous section to help us on Freehand whenever we needed help. There were many things that I didn’t know but the packet helped and the teacher was also very helpful which helped me create an excellent logo. The logo clearly represents me with some of my favorite activities. It is a soccer logo and represents me because soccer is my favorite sports. The sushi in the middle of the logo also represents me because sushi is one of my favorite food. I used many basic tools from Freehand like pencils and circles. I thought it wasn’t going to look so good at the beginning because it was my first time to create a logo on a computer but when I finished, it actually looks really well and I really like it. It turned out to be much better than I expected and I think it is excellent. I want to learn more about Freehand and do more complicated things in future.