Welcome to Plan!

It was in this section of our project we "planned" our logos!
The students had to do 3-5 sketches on paper to get a full grade. We made the rough drafts/ sketches on already used paper, (save the trees!). Later when we were done, we had to discuss with our teacher about wich sketch we would chose to make a logo out of. This was a very hard decision for some of the students, including me!
After we chose what logo we would make, we had to label it with what tools we had already learned about in invesigate we would make each line and shapes out of.
The last thing we did during this unit was to make a reflection about the logo we chose. The questions which were included was:
  • Why did you choose this logo (sketch) instead of the other two/three/four/five?
  • How does this logo demonstrate excellent logo design?
  • How do you plan to create this logo in Freehand? Do you know everything you need to turn this rough draft into a Freehand logo? If not, what else do you need to know?

This is what we did during the Plan Section!