The Technology Design Cycle

Every time our It-class starts a new project we use a special cycle. We call it the Technology Design Cycle.
The Technology Design Cycle contains of four different section or steps, which are “Investigate, Plan. Create and Evaluate.”

Investigate: we look over the program (in this case, Freehand!) we are going to use to make our project (the logos).
In Plan we made one to five sketches (on paper of course!) and later we discussed with our teacher which one we would choose to make a logo out of, a very hard decision for some students.
In Create, as you maybe have already figured out, is where we actually CREATE our logos!
When we Evaluate, we think over the entire process, such as thinking what we could have done to make it better.

All the students had to follow every single step. They got a page printed out by their teacher, where it said all different steps in each section they had to do.

The students had to write a reflection (short essay) about every step after they had finished it.