Tips for Free Hand

If you are making a logo on Free Hand, well you can read some tips that we added on this wikispace to make your life easier.

Tom recommends:

It is better to make a logo that resembles you because if you choose something like a gun and you like swords, then you will ask yourself why you made it. Make something that is easy to remember for other people like the sign of McDonalds, or the sign of James Bond. So other people can understand it better. Use easy tools to make the logo and use only the hard ones when you really need to. Don’t use the hard tools too much because then you have a hard time to make the logo on Freehand. If you want to challenge yourself, then go for it. Don't become sad when your logo doesn’t look like how you want it because that always happens just keep on going. Also you need to be proud with what you made because not many people can use Freehand. Don't rush your logo you want it look nice and not messy. Then think very hard what kind of logo you want to make. These are the tips that I am giving you on my experience on Freehand so have fun.

Cecilia Recommends

If you want to use freehand more effectively you should look at other successful logos so you know what the people want and like. A good thing to do before you start is to explore freehand. For example, test all the buttons before you start creating something. Then you should draw the thing you want to make on a paper so you know how it will look like. Later when you’re finished with the drawing, you should start to make a lay out of the logo and when you’re finished color your logo in so it looks nice. When your happy with your logo you can add some details so it looks much better.

Cecilia Doesn’t Recommend

Don’t try to do it fast, because fast is not good. Take your time. Don’t have it only black and white if the logo is for children. Have it nice and colorful. Don’t make it hard or to much it’s hard to do it, takes a long time, and it doesn’t look so good. Don’t make it hard for yourself, use easy shapes and bend them. Don’t make it like someone else; it’s more fun to make it your own kind of the design.

Romain’s Tips

If you want to make a good logo you have to act professional, and try to make it look as if a pro made it. It is hard but that’s one of the biggest tip i can tell you! Also never put to much colors and to many things for the audience to observe because they will get a headache and will not enjoy the logo. Instead try to make it look pretty simple. But what you can also do is make the background a bit complicated so that the observers focus on it for while.

Also what people enjoy about a logo are colors, usually I prefer bold colors to make it more serious, but a lot of viewers also enjoy bright colors to make them feel more happy. But especially make the logo have a good contrast!

Another tip is also to make it original. People hate when logos look alike, they think it’s a type of plagiarism. So make your own!

Also a great thing to put in your logo is some text, such as a title, or even a subtitle. Don’t make those boring though, people watching will think that it is a stupid logo if the texts are boring, usually those texts should be funny, or even serious. Another great thing about logo texts that you can do is, to scare people. An example of these scary things is like “WATCH OUT IT WE DON’T STOP GLOBAL WARMING, YOU WILL SEE THAT THE END IS COMING SOON” usually those texts have a scary backgrounds as well, such as people dying of hunger, and telling you to do something about them.

Well I can’t think of any more tips, but I am sure that there are many more. I hope that you will follow my tips to make a successful logo.

Heoun Su's Tip

This is very interesting and useful thing. It includes a lot of detail tools, which are all useful. When you want to make something such as logos and other images in details.
To make these kinds, you will have to learn to use the tools.

Therefore, the new users definitely need to know and learn all the tools in the FreeHand like how to get to other tools, what does this tool do, and what can you make from it. These should be quite difficult and need some times to work on but after these, you will know almost everything and eventually understand how to use the tools.
I also was a new user and I had no idea about this tool but after learning and testing myself if I know the tools, I could remember how to use and it became very interesting and excellent.

Then, all the users can make any shapes or images they want, use the Wikispaces which is a site including FreeHand like a Blog.
However, I don’t recommend the users to use this in a bad way like having project from the FreeHand tool and you are doing it fast. Even though you know the tools but you can make mistakes, of course.

If every one use FreeHand in a good shape and what I have recommended, it would be great!

Emily's Tips

The headings have to be clear the reason why is because you want the people to be able to read it.
Good contrast so the person can read it
The font is not tiny or huge it is a good size and also the color should be a nice and not light so the person can read it.
Keep the logo simple and don’t make it confusing for your peers.
Keep it simple so your peers can remember your logo.
Your logo attracts the eye you can do that by making it more like you or your company.
Another useful tip is before you even go freehand you can draw a rough copy of your design that you want to make this will be a lot easier than doing it as you go on freehand right away and just thinking out of your head.
Your logo is also not fuzzy or all together so you can read it well.
Make sure that your heading are short and sweet and not really long and complicated because if that happens then the peer will not want to read it.