Welcome grade 7!

In our class we have thirteen students. Our class is one quarter long (nine weeks).

external image freehand.gif In our class we have started to work on designing our own logos. Most of us started out not knowing anything about FreeHand. FreeHand is the software we use to make our logos.

Our class works hard but we have fun at the same time. We had a lot of fun when we were working on our logos and they turned out very nice. We think having fun is very important but getting work done is very important too.

We all try the best we can at ALL times. If there is something that we don’t get we always have each other there to help out. We also have the teacher there for us. The teacher is there for us at all times just like our classmates.

This quarter we used FreeHand to design logos, about us.

Image from: http://www.libraries.psu.edu/laptop/images/freehand.gif