FreeHand Toolbars

In this section you will learn to use the various tools on freehand that will help you to make a really good logo.
selecttool.gif Select: This tool is to select shapes and things.

movepagetool.gif Page (D): This tool moves the page.

pentool.gif Pen tool: Makes lines that you can later curve with the subselect tool.

linetool_01.gif Line tool: Makes lines.

circletool.gif Circle tool: Makes circles.

subselect.gif Subselect: Adds lines to the selected lines.

lasso.gif Lasso: Selects inside the shape you make

Eyedropper.gif Eyedropper: Fills in one of the shapes black when you have two.

texttool.gif Text box: Lets you write text

pencil.gif Pencil: Pencil, free drawing, vairible stroke pen, calligraphy.

polygon.gifPolygon: Makes box shape, and a polygon .

freeformtool.gifFreeform tool: sharpening the picture
roughen.gif Roughen tool: changes shape
blendtool.gif Blend tool: bends the shape

extrudetool.gif Extrude tool: changes the shape 2-D and 3-D
smudgetool.gif Smudge tool: smudges the shape
shadowtool.gif Shadow tool: joins 2-D shapes to make a 3-D shape.

mirrortool.gif Mirror: copy the selected shape
charttool.gif Lets you make a chart..

linecolor.gif Canges color of a line.

rotatetool.gif Rotate around..

eraser.gif Erase any point.

zoom.gif Zoom in.
handtool.gif Moves the picture.
3-Dtool.gif Rotates 3-D shapes.

fillefect.gif Changes the color of the inside of a shape.

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